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f expenses were not a concern, any time I wanted to paint a room in our house,   there would be no hesitation to use Benjamin Moore Paint.  I have a close friend whose husband highly recommended it to me many years ago, and I absolutely love it.  I love the smooth way it goes on, and how well it covers.  Rarely have I had to put on a second coat when using Benjamin Moore® Paint.

So I was rather excited when I was given the privilege to try out Benjamin Moore’s new paint line called Aura®.  Sadly, I was not impressed.  It just does not cover the way I’ve known Benjamin Moore® paint to cover.  I started out by painting our bathroom door which was a mint green color and painted it to an eggshell white color.  It just did not cover well, even after two coats.  It just seemed so much thinner.  

I did like it that there was no paint smell.  My husband came home shortly after I finished painting, and he did not notice any paint odor at all in the house.   I also appreciated how quickly it dried.  And, when I DO try to paint again, if I use the Aura, and use a darker color over a lighter one, I love that I can check out this Color Gallery right at home to find the color I want to use.

I absolutely have not given up on Benjamin Moore® Paint!  I still love the brand . . . and quite possibly I had a bad batch here?  I will give it a try again!

I am a BzzAgent & received free samples in exchange
for my personal, honest opinion and review of this product. 



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