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Information Article: Chevron Ecuador Judgment Litigation


e hear in the news of companies that just seem to be above the law, yet people who are doing things to the best of their ability in the United States, following the law, seem to get fined and convicted much quicker for their errors that they are willing to admit to.  I’ve been doing some reading on the Chevron Ecuador Judgment litigation and what a mess!  In everything I am reading, I just do not get why the Supreme Court denied an appeal  by Chevron to block an $18+ judgment against Chevron in an Ecuadorian court.  WHY?   Why when it was first ruled by a judge to grant the injunction but later it is all reversed.  What happened that minds where changed?  What is being hidden?  What does this tell other countries about our justice system? 

Have you read anything on the Chevron Ecuador Judgment litigation?  I found this statement quite interesting:

The U.S. District Court for the Western District of North Carolina stated, “While this court is unfamiliar with the practices of the Ecuadorian judicial system, the court must believe that the concept of fraud is universal, and that what has blatantly occurred in this matter would in fact be considered fraud by any court.”

Does the United States want to be just lumped into all this as, so what, fraud is universal so we all join in?

Scary, if you ask me!



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