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Information Article: Sheepskin Products


hen my daughter was just 13 months old she had two open heart surgeries just a matter of weeks apart. We also had to deal with a bedsore she got on her neck.  One thing unique thing we found out the hospital used was sheepskin products!  We did not realize how nice this was until she used it.  It was a crib sized mattress cover. And since, we have used them with our other children. With the plastic covers that are on crib mattresses, a child can feel that coldness even through a sheet.  But with the sheepskin mattress cover, it helps with warmth in the winter and keeping the child cool in the summer.  

I can imagine why sheepskin seat covers are something car owners are choosing now because it not only refreshes your car, it can keep you warm or cool, depending on the weather.  And what comfort it can bring!  It’s not just sheepskin rugs anymore!  There’s lots of other uses for sheepskin!



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