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31 Days: “Woman, Just Believe Me” ~ “Be Still . . . Again” {Day 23}


hat a day!  I am writing this with a knee wrapped in ice.  I was in a hurry to get my daughter to school today and forgot something, spun around on our front deck of wet leaves and took a spill on one knee, very hard.  It hurt, but not too bad . . . and kept busy throughout the day.  I was blessed a few weeks ago with a gift card I was able to use to get my hair cut and highlighted.  The gal was real sweet and showed me how to make it more elegant for the wedding on Saturday.  I am not good with hair.  So, I was not sure if I’d get it like her . . . but would try.  Then a few hours later a friend, who had no idea I was getting my hair done today, gifted me with getting my hair done on the wedding day locally.  It just amazed me!  These little gifted blessings to de-stress me!

By the time I got lots of running done today, my knee was throbbing and finally took a look at it.  Oh dear!  It was tripled in size, and very bruised.  I sat a bit and could barely move to get up.  So, off to ER we went tonight.  Thankfully nothing is broken or fractured, but the doctor said with the bruising and swelling, the only way to keep it down is to keep my leg elevated and iced, getting up and moving once each hour and then back to the couch!  And to wrap it in an ace bandage or wear tight pantyhose (UGH!!) BUT . . . our daughter is marrying on SATURDAY!  Ummmm . . . now what?!?!?!

There’s been some wedding stresses.  This mom is working on learning to back away and let go more . . . you know, cutting those apron strings.  So, I guess this is making me do it!

And, I am okay on it.  I do have a peace about this. It could have been worse.  I am thankful to not be having knee surgery.  When the doctor first saw my knee she was wondering about torn ligaments with such puffiness.

Might the Father be saying to me  . . . . maybe you too,  

You will live secure and full of hope;
[I] will protect you and give you rest.
Job 11:18

[I] will fight for you;
you need only to be still.
Exodus 14:14

just believe Me.



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