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31 Days: “Woman, Just Believe Me” ~ “I will walk through the storm with you ” {Day 22}


few days ago I read this on Dr Tony Evens’ Facebook wall:

Keep your eyes on Jesus.
He can teach you to walk on water
rather than drown in defeat.

Sometimes doesn’t it seem like when the waves of stresses and chaos comes, we are drowning?  I sure know that feeling!  Ugh!  And it’s easy to get all worked up, trying to take control of a situation and it gets worse and all jumbled up.  I said “I’m done done DONE!!” several times yesterday with trying to work through  misunderstandings.   I am thankful God does not say He’s done – throw up His hands and walk away.

I’ve always loved the story of Jesus and Peter walking on the water in Matthew 14.   These are the parts that stand out to me today.

But when Peter takes his eyes off Jesus
and sees the wind and waves,

he begins to sink.
Peter cries out to the Lord and
Jesus immediately 
reaches out His handand

As they climb into the boat

the storm ceases.
(emphasis mine)

How often when I take my eyes off of Jesus, the I only thing I see is the troubles, drama and stresses and get that overwhelming feeling – drowning in it! I am amazed over and over again, when I cry out in my heart – just at times a small whisper, the peace that comes so quickly, even from the next song on the radio. Yesterday I had struggles with one child, was hurt and overwhelmed with the stresses and within a short time one of my older sons gave me a big long hug and let me cry and then when I sat on the couch one of the younger ones came on her own and cuddled  me and said “I love you mama” a dozen times.  I asked my husband if he told her to say that.  I saw my husband smiling at us and asked him if he told her to say that – he hadn’t.  My daughter did not know about the drama, and yet she came to me at the right time to cheer me up.  God knew what I needed for that time and moment.  He hadn’t left me.  He stays with us through the storm.

Might the Father be saying to us,  

Just cry out to Me
Let Me catch you,
and Me lead you.

We will go through the storm,

just believe Me.

above pencil drawing by my 12yo daughter, Melody



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