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Information Article: Mandrien Consulting


ith having had several home businesses and now venturing to move our business into a very visible storefront, we know the ups and downs and stresses it can cause.  And with a “family business” the ones that it affects and relationships it can hurt and help the most, is family.  We have to purposely put a protective hedge around our relationships and know that family is more important than succeeding in our business.  

In harmony with our convictions of this is the family values at Mandrien.  They see how the economic stresses for many companies affects the whole family as a whole, not just those actually working within the company.  They can see the strengths in the family structure that can be encouraged and used to enhance the business.  And as every family has their struggles and breakdowns, they can help encourage regrouping and how this can also cause stress for the business and to make an effort to work through things.

When a business grows and succeeds financially, it can be a great celebration, and who better to celebrate with than family!



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