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31 Days: “Woman, Just Believe Me” ~ “I’m Holding You Up” {Day 15}


oday our daughter Jessica had a cardiology appointment.   If you are new to my blog, long story very short, she was born with numerous heart anomalies and has had three open heart surgeries.  She will have more, to “replace parts”.  God has allowed amazing miracles to happen numerous times in her life, and we are thankful for the vibrant 16 year old girl she is and how much she loves Jesus.  But, sometimes I still worry, especially when going for check-ups.  I was not overly fearful today.  But at one point, the silence of the gal doing the echo-cardiogram (ultrasound) on her heart made mine also skip a few beats. The “what ifs” snuck in.   We have a wedding in less than two weeks.  What if something is wrong.  What if she has to have surgery soon. What if I have to choose between being with Jessica and my daughter who is getting married.  Ugh.  I did not carry on too long.  And it looks like her heart is okay though she is wearing a monitor for 24 hours just to make sure.  I know many were praying for us during her appointment.  

When she spent 10 weeks in the hospital as a baby and then again a few years ago for several weeks, people would often say, how strong my husband and I are – including the hospital personnel and friends.  We weren’t.  We had our knees buckling and collapsing to the floor, several times.  It was overwhelming.  But we had many friends and family who carried us along – prayed for us, took care of our other children, brought us meals, paid bills for us, etc.  They helped take care of a lot of our “thinking” so we could be with Jessica.

I often think of the story of  Moses :

“But now Moses’ arms grew weary; so they found him a stone to sit on and bade him be seated on it; then, one on each side, Aaron and Hur kept his hands lifted up. In this way, the strength of his arms held out until set of sun . . . ”  Exodus 17:12-13

We have had many Aaron’s and Hur’s holding us up that God has sent into our lives just at the right time.  At times, it seemed like the morning would never come, so we could be let go.  Jesus promises He will never leave us or forsake us, and though our life journeys can sure be treacherous at times, He is there, sometimes allowing other people to show Himself, by holding us up.

A friend of mine has spent many months in the hospital with her daughter who is fighting cancer.  A few days ago she wrote to me that she is just so tired.  She was so blessed that someone helped clean her home – something she’d normally easily keep up with.  I encouraged her to let others hold her up for now.  The time will come when she will be able to do the same with someone else, possibly for a mom whose daughter is fighting cancer.

So, what is does God you to believe?  

I am holding you.
I won’t  let go.

or maybe

I need you to hold up a sister with Me.
Your pain can comfort her.

just believe Me.



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