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Information Article: Translation Service


everal years ago I went to the emergency room rather late at night. I had to have an x-ray done, for a possible kidney stone.  We were told we had to wait for awhile for it to be read by someone in Australia   We were rather surprised, but found out for some smaller hospitals, they use a translation service that reads it and it can be just about anywhere.  With the immediacy of being able to e-mail reports and pictures, including x-rays, it really did not take that long.  But one of my thoughts was, what about the accuracy of the translation? Something like this could be quite critical with just a few words translated wrong!  It was read right, and yes, I did have a kidney stone, but it was rather interesting to find out that my x-ray was read out of the country.

With so many companies doing business worldwide, a translation company is a very important aspect of making things work together.  Not only is there medical translation, it is necessary for numerous other  types of documents to be translated, including legal, financial, and technical documents.  Translating it is just the beginning.  Proofreaders and editors also have a very important job and accuracy is a must throughout the whole process. 

One such place is Rosetta Translation. Their headquarters are in London and provide service through their corporate clients in their four additional global offices: Shanghai, China; Paris, France;  Luxembourg, Europe and in the United States in New York.  They translate in 150 different languages with expertise in  in legal, financial, technical and life sciences translation.

Just as I wanted my x-rays to be read and translated accurately to receive the best care, so does any company with any type of transaction or documents.  Misinterpretations could make a major business loss.  Research is of utmost importance to find the right translation service for a company doing international business.



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