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31 Days: “Woman, Just Believe Me” ~ “U-Turns Allowed” {Day 8}


am reading a real good book right now, The Me I Want to Be: Becoming God’s Best Version of You by John Ortberg (the e-book is free at the time of this post).  It’s pricked at my heart numerous times.  Today I was reading a story that just hit me . . .  I thought maybe it would touch someone else’s heart.

Mr. Ortberg talks of getting a rental car and is offered a GPS to get him where he is suppose to be going.  At first he refuses, and then when he cannot even remember where the rental car is parked, he decides to accept it.  As the voice is giving him directions for his trip, there is several occasions he thinks it has to be wrong!  One time he decides not to turn the direction it instructs and he hears the voice say, “Recalculating route.  When safe to do so, execute a U-turn.”  He knew she was wrong, so he unplugged the GPS.   Guess what?  He was wrong!  And he did have to plug it back in to get in the right direction.  Mr. Ortberg then asks, if the reader knows what the voice said . . . possibly:

“I told you so, you little idiot.  You think I’m going to help you now?  You rejected me.  There is no way.  You just find your way home by yourself.”

The author continues:

“Of, course she [GPS] didn’t say those things.  She said, “Recalculating route.  When safe to do so, execute a U-turn.”
That is grace.
God will say to you, “Here is the way home.  Execute a U-turn.”
As soon as you are ready to listen, as soon as you are ready to surrender, that is repentance.
He will say, “I will bring you home.”
That is grace.

Aren’t you thankful God allows for U-turns!  His mercies are new EVERY morning!  And I needed them again this morning.  If you read my post yesterday (which I wrote the night before) it was one of those days . . . a very stressful and hurtful day.  It’s still lingering, but I am learning too, that I do not have to “own it”.   I did the best I could to make things right.  Yet, my heart aches, and I know God will allow for U-turns and bring about healing and peace again.  I do not have to be consumed with it.

So, what is God telling you to believe?  It’s time for a U-Turn?  He’s forgiven the past roads you’ve been on and you have to let go of it too?

Woman, just believe Me.
U-Turns allowed.

above drawing by my 12 year old daughter



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