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Book Review: As We Forgive by June Foster


oo often we put people in ministry on a pedestal, with the idea they do not have struggles, can fail or even sin. I am thankful the pastor of my church is very open that he does have struggles.   Yet, my family was in a situation at one time, where we were told to never question a pastor, and to do so, could even cause serious health issues!  

So, in reading, As We Forgive, the author, June Foster, tells a realistic story of a young youth pastor, Tim, who struggles with anger and losing his temper, a result of how he was taught from his father, growing up.  Tim wants to do right before God, and with his youth group, and not only does it seem he fails, the kids in the youth group also take advantage of him, and people in the church run with it, seemingly trying to destroy him.

In the meantime, Tim falls in love with Roxanne, a gal who also has a past of struggles, including her father who abandoned her.  Her way of getting through the pain is shopping, and putting herself into deep debt, which she too, tries to hide.

This story is of love, heartache and redemption, in a unique way.  It is an easy read, yet, very realistic and something each of us can learn from.  Rarely can we find families without some type of dysfunction  and this definitely shows it, yet, how God can be the Healer and make life changes in individuals who seek Him.  I highly recommend putting As We Forgive on your to-read list.

I received a free e-book of As We Forgive from LovenGod Promotions in exchange for my honest review.



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7 thoughts on “Book Review: As We Forgive by June Foster

  1. I know things are different here in the UK than they are in the US with regards to organised religion and its leaders, but until recently I believed that only ministers minister and everybody else goes to church to receive that ministry. But we have been experiencing a change of thinking over here (especially in Manchester where we have a shortage of authorised clergy) and we are waking up to the fact that everybody who believes in God is a minister, and has a ministry to perform even if it is in small ways. It’s quite a radical rethink after so many generations of things being the way that they have been, but it is such a wonderful concept that it really empowers us to be true disciples of Christ.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I agree with you and am so glad that Christians in the UK as well as in America are taking up our God given privilege of going into all the world to share the gospel. We are ambassadors for Christ. Praise the Lord.
    I’m hoping the reader of As We Forgive will take away the concept that clergy are as human as anyone else with flaws they must overcome. God can and will equip all his church for the work He’s ordained us to do. Hope you read and enjoy As We Forgive.

    Loni, thank you so much for your review.

    1. Hi Maxie, I firmly believe when we give our hearts to the Lord and follow His word, we can’t go wrong. Your comment about spreading the gospel is so appropriate. That’s why I write – to spread the gospel through fictional works.

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