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Five Minute Friday & 31 Days: “WELCOME” {Day 5}


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I always get the chills and tears fill my eyes, when I see on the news of soldiers getting a warm, welcome home.  Families are gathered around, peeking through crowds for a glimpse of their loved one.  Flags are waved high in the air and couples greeting each other with long kisses.  Then there’s the stories of a soldier parent appearing in their child’s classroom, and the child is awestruck, barely knowing what to say as they run into their parent’s arms. Welcome Home signs decorate homes of the soldier.  Reunions are bittersweet and new memories are being made.  You see all sorts of people at these gatherings – every race, every size, different economical backgrounds . . . but there is a unity.

Sometimes as Christians we do not feel Welcome even in Christian circles and churches.  We might not be as highly educated in Scripture, and know all the right words to say – or the big one, praying in public.  We might not have verses memorized or can find the books of the Bible as quickly as the person sitting right next to you.  We have a past . . .  one we would not want others to know . . .  especially those brought up in a “Christian home”.   Things are different, in a different church.  We don’t know what questions to ask – or nt ask!   For the person not feeling the welcome, it can hurt.  

And yet, Jesus always wants to give us the most warm welcome into His presence anytime, anywhere, with no preconceived ideas of how we have to measure up.  He wants us to willingly come to Him, the way we are.  Who did Jesus seek out during Bible days?  Where did He go?

The Pharisees and legal experts were grumbling, saying,
“This Man welcomes sinners and eats with them.”
Luke 15:2

And yes, Jesus went to the woman at the well, to welcome her into His life .   

 Jesus said to her,
“Woman, believe me . . .

John  4:21a (ESV)

Jesus wants us women to believe, we are ALWAYS welcome in His presence.  He knows the way we come.  He knows the past.  He knows our thoughts.  He knows our fears and traps.  He knows all the tears we’ve shed.  He just holds out His hand, and says, WELCOME. 

Combining two meme’s today – my 31 Days for this month and  Joining Lisa-Jo and her Five Minute Friday.  ” five minutes of free writing without worrying about getting it right “



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3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday & 31 Days: “WELCOME” {Day 5}

  1. Jesus always wants to give us the most warm welcome into His presence anytime, anywhere, with no preconceived ideas of how we have to measure up. I love that!
    Soli Deo Gloria, used to be name of the magazine our girls Bible study group in University. We Photocopied hand printed writings to pass to others. Thank you for lovely reminder on what our Lord wants.

  2. OOoh… Love your image at the end… one of my favorite paintings! I had a friend once tell me that it took 5 visits to my church before someone asked her name (when I wasn’t with her)… a Christians sometimes we get so focused on our routines we miss blessing others!
    I am going to link to your blog on my sidebar… I have a list of inspired blogs for the 31 days (I’m doing “inner beauty”)

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