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31 Days: “Woman, Just Believe Me” ~ “You are safe.” {Day 4}


hat traps you?
What fears?
Do the “what if’s” get you tangled up?

Can you set yourself into a panic, with daydreaming of something horrible happening?  I can do that . . . sometimes it can be so consuming.  

Letting go, and letting God is indeed easier said than done.  Yet, realizing He is in control, and I cannot change the outcome, and even if the worst happens He still is in control.  If I would have known the various deep valleys our family would go through, there is no way I’d think we could get through it.  Yet, when I realize God is carrying us, He loves us more than we can even fathom, and does want our best, peace despite the messes of life, can take over.   

.Woman, just believe Me.

I don’t want you caught in the traps.
I can take you around them.
I will never let you go.
You can be safe, if you trust Me.

drawing above by my 12 year old daughter



Beloved KEPT Child of Jesus stumbling by faith ~ Married 30 years ~ Blessed Mama of 10 beside me & 2 at Jesus' feet ~ "Retired" homeschool mama of 22 years ~ Writer * Blogger * Reviewer ~

2 thoughts on “31 Days: “Woman, Just Believe Me” ~ “You are safe.” {Day 4}

  1. You have a very talented daughter to draw like that!!

    I love this meme, your posts have been really inspiring and I’m looking forward to reading more. God is in control, but only if we let him be. I feel that when we don’t trust him to have our best interests at heart and we go merrily (or not so merrily) on our way that things go wrong. We need to trust him, and let him into our lives.

  2. This is a problem with so many today. I too fall into it. I have to remember and tell myself that God is in control and I will come out on the other side. Maybe not always as I would like to but I will come through. I agree with sterlingsop, your daughter is very talented! Thanks for sharing this wonderful truth today!

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