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31 Days: Woman, Just Believe ~ Don’t Own It {Day 1}


everal weeks ago, on Tuesday’s “In ‘Other’ Words” I shared from a portion of verse John  4:21a (ESV)

 Jesus said to her,
“Woman, believe me . . .

It’s so easy for us, whether we were brought up in a strong Christian home or if we are just a new Believer, to grasp what is really truth rather than traditions that are passed on to us or lies that the Enemy has convinced us to believe.

What does Jesus want you to believe in your life right now?  For the next 31 day, all of October, I am going to (God willing with time and a daughter’s wedding this month) share different things God is teaching me  . . .  and if some share with me . . .  I will share others thoughts in a post too.  It does not necessarily have to be a “Scripture verse” that is word for word what God is telling you.  It can be something from a song, a sermon, or just something you know God has laid on your heart.  It may be something positive, or something negative God is taking from you.

So for this first day, I am thinking of something our pastor shared about several weeks ago about wayward adult children and one little statement he said was “don’t own it“.  This has been on my heart for several different reasons . . . not just with my children, but a friend’s child and also just decisions that can be made that I may not be in agreement with.   I can share my opinion, be it with a close friend, my husband, my adult children, etc., but it is ultimately, their decision – between them and God.  I can try and convince and pray and plead, etc., but there comes a time, to let it go and yes, let God.  I can rest too, that I did my part, and “don’t own it“.    There may be consequences later that our loved one has to go through as a result of an unwise decision, and we certainly can be loving and caring, but again, it was not our fault, and we need not own it or whisper, “I told you so!”.

Are there things you need to let go of – give completely over to God – and not own?  What is Jesus asking you to believe?



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