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Information Article: Laptop Batteries


here is something that we never seem to have enough of in our home – BATTERIES!  There are so many of our kid’s toys, cameras, remote controls, mp3 players, etc. that need them.  My kids will take batteries out of things we need- such as the remote to keep their things running.  I’ve had to put a sticker on the remote control, over the battery compartment, “thou shalt not steal”!  It has helped. 

The other expense we have had with batteries even includes our laptops.  After so much use, they just do not hold the charge very long, and have to be replaced. When we have put a lot of money and time  into our laptops and have so much stored, it is worth paying for new Apple Laptop Batteries.  When a computer crashes because the battery dies, it can do damage to the computer, so it is worth saving the computer with a new battery.



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