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In ‘Other’ Words: He’s ALIVE!


  “The greatest distinction between Christianity and other religions is that the death of its founder did not mark the termination of His life and ministry. . . . . The Resurrection is the hinge on which the truth of our faith turns, and without it nothing else would really matter. . . . The dynamic joy of our faith would turn into speculation, and Christianity would be simply one of many human philosophies and religious theories.”

Nothing But the Truth: Upholding the Gospel in a Doubting Age
 by John MacArthur


aturday was a crazy busy day, starting out with a bridal shower brunch for my daughter who is marrying  next month. In the early afternoon I did some grocery shopping with our youngest and got in and out of the store fairly quickly.  I was anxious to get home and relax, and sew.  Sewing and quilting is a great stress reliever for me.  My little guy and I got to the van and I could not find my phone.  I looked back in the grocery cart.  Not there.  Went to the Courtesy Desk in the store.  Not there.  Looked around some in the store.  No finding it.  Ugh.  Went back to the van one more time and as I sat down on my seat I whispered, “Please help me find it, Jesus”.  Within a minute, I looked under some papers that had fallen to the floor on the passenger’s side and there it was.  It must’ve slipped out of my purse. I said aloud “Thank you Jesus!”  My 5 year old said “Did Jesus show you where it is?”  I told him, He helped me look in the right place. 

Was it just coincidence?  It passed through my mind . . . would God really care about my phone . . . until a few hours later.  I was then looking for my rotary cutter to cut my quilting squares.  I remembered seeing it somewhere just the day before in an unusual place, but could not remember where.  I was looking all over.  Remembering how I prayed for help in finding the phone, I did again.  Within seconds, I found it – like less than five seconds!  It was like Jesus saying to me, “yes, I care about the small things, your anxieties, your having peace , trust Me.  I AM always here.”

Why does my faith waiver so many times?  Why do I not trust?  But, it was renewed.  As I read the above quote, I thought, if God did not rise again, where would my trust me?  A dead god cannot heal, give strength, get me through a day, put joy in my heart, help me find my keys, phone, rotary cutter or most of all, give me hope and peace for my future eternity and those that I love who have gone on before me who have trusted in Him.  I cannot imagine getting through life, especially after burying two children, to have the hope and peace to know I will see them again.  What would life be, with no hope, no faith?  A dead god?

It’s easy to get sucked into things of what people believe or do not believe (when one should be baptized and how, predestination, election, what Bible version to use, etc) BUT, there’s no wavering on my part, that Jesus is indeed risen and ALIVE, preparing a home for me in the new earth that will be revealed some day!  

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