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Review: U-NEEKS cards from DaySpring


use to make cards – LOTS of cards! I especially enjoyed getting together with other ladies and talking and making cards.  But life’s busyness has kept me from doing this in quite some time.  And now I lack sending cards on a regular basis.  Isn’t it one of the most wonderful things to get a card in the mail?  I got some of the nicest birthday cards from special friends this past month.  I especially liked their personal in notes in the cards.  It’s one of those things I can pick up later and be encouraged all over again.  

This is something I want to continue teaching my children.  It’s so easy in our culture now, just to send a quick note through Facebook wishing someone a happy birthday or by e-mail.  But to know you have taken the time to really think about that person, pick out a card, sit down and write a note in it and send it out, can sure make someone’s day.  

There’s a young girl in our church going through her fourth round of chemo.  Our younger four girls all got their hair cut in honor of her.  They ask often how she is doing.  They ask tough questions too.  So when I was given the opportunity to receive and review these U-Neek Cards from Dayspring, the first one has to go to Bree and my girls were delighted! They had a wonderful time going through the cards and deciding on the perfect one for Bree and what one they want to send her next time and what would be a great card for someone else.  

What I liked the most about these U-Neek Cards from Dayspring is their simpleness for kids – very easy to understand and like this card, gives a truth.  This is the card our girls chose for Bree.

Sometimes life is just crazy.
Praying for you.

In all my prayers for…you,
I always pray with joy.
Philippians 1:4 NIV

Dayspring cards are absolutely my favorite cards (no, I was not asked to say this!) and I am delighted with these kids’ cards too!  This month when you use the code SpecialShip! you will receive free shipping on any Dayspring Card Pack.





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