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Information Article: Celebstir.Com


nless you get on a reality  singing or talent competition television show or on a late night show to display your unique talent, it might be quite difficult to get noticed.  There are numerous social networks that can help, but what about one specifically to  meet other celebrities and begin promoting your work. is a new social networking website that is helping everyday people to do just this!  The idea is to follow, influence and become. The idea is to meet others with similar talents and interests and follow them and learn from them.   What a great opportunity for fans to meet celebrities and learn and glean from them!

When you join, you set up a personal profile, including what category your area of talent is in, your biography, and various medias can be uploaded such as a picture, video or audio. Show your connections to Facebook, Twitter and much more bringing in more to view your profile and interact.  Even scheduling an event!  Including as much information to promote your talent is needed, and continually updating, and then you will begin to influence others to follow you and learn from you.  And, you will become noticed.

There is no cost to join and members can meet and chat during designated times with favorite celebrities in one-on-one web camera meetings.  It’s also a great way to promote your friends and other celebrities.  You can even put in your zip code and find others with similar talents and interests in your area.

As with any social network, precautions need to be taken.  Of course some may use it wrong, give false information and take advantage of others.  So far, it seems family friendly yet parents should be very informed at what their children are looking at online and be careful with anyone that you are directly communicating with.  One person can disrupt a great avenue of connections of talent, so precautions should always be taken.



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One thought on “Information Article: Celebstir.Com

  1. another of the many sites coming out. at least this ones free though. I read an article on another new one and the first thing I saw when clicking on the register button was a spot to put in my credit card. ahhh no thanks. Not paying for social media. this celebstirr thing has a pretty cool concept though and it’s free. I’ll check it out.

    thanks 🙂 🙂

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