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In ‘Other’ Words: What is God asking you to believe?


 Jesus said to her,
“Woman, believe me . . .

John  4:21a (ESV)


e are visiting this verse above again this week.  Actually, shouldn’t we everyday?!?!?  Isn’t God asking us everyday to believe Him?  Not just the initial act of faith that we believe He is our Savior and we accept Him into our lives (though the most important decision we will ever make) but everyday there are things, people, circumstances, and life dramas we have to release to Him (sometimes many times over and over again) and fully trust and believe Him that He is in control.  

I think one of the hardest things can be with my children.  I can over direct, over control, over worry, etc. to the point of major panic at times.  What if . . .  where is . . .  etc.  Ugh!  I forget Jesus loves my children even more than I do – that He holds them in the palm of His hand.

I can worry and think of the worst – decisions my kids may be making (or not making).  I want the best for them, but doesn’t God even want more of them?

Sunday our pastor referred to this verse, and I claimed it for my children, specifically one – but it fit for things I am fearing at the time.

There is hope for your future,
declares the Lord,
and your children shall come back to their own country.
Jeremiah 31:17

My side note I wrote was “and to God” and dated it.

Then I read this in The Message

Again, God’s Message:
“Listen to this! Laments coming out of Ramah,
wild and bitter weeping.
It’s Rachel weeping for her children,
Rachel refusing all solace.
Her children are gone,
gone—long gone into exile.”
But God says, “Stop your incessant weeping,
hold back your tears.
Collect wages from your grief work.” God’s Decree.
“They’ll be coming back home!
There’s hope for your children.” God’s Decree.
Jeremiah 31:21  The Message

Though my concerns of a prodigal child are nothing like what several friends are facing with their children.  I know the ache of losing a child to death which is deep, deep grief, but to not know a child’s eternal future would be unbearable.  To trust God even with a wayward child would be quite a release, yet, I know it comes to a point, there is really nothing “I” can do.  It’s between the child and God.  And I can imagine God putting His arm around me saying, “He’ll be coming back home.  There’s hope for him.”

What is God showing you in His word to reach out to you and ask you to claim – whispering to you, “Woman, believe me. . . ” ?

Will you share your thoughts?  Either write a post on your blog and leave a link to it in the comment section, or just leave a note what God is whispering for you to believe.   This is something I am thinking of expanding more on later.  Might you join in?



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One thought on “In ‘Other’ Words: What is God asking you to believe?

  1. That was a nice added touch to the week before. It made us zero in on subjects that God wants us to believe in. I could think of a lot but if you think about it believing in Him and his truths covers a lot of territory. However, with some people that narrows the territory. They think believing in Jesus is all they need to do when there is so much more to it than believing in his existence. I’m posting early because I have to work Tuesday so I can’t do it in the morning. My piece can be found at Thanks, Karen

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