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Information Article: Lawn Sprinkler Systems


his past year has been extremely dry . . . little snow during the winter and little rain this past summer with unusually hot, dry days.  Instead of our grass being like a soft mossy grass, it’s been like walking on hard straw.  We have noticed some in our area deciding to get lawn sprinkler systems so they do not lose all their grass and keep their plants, trees and flowers flourishing.

Even golf courses have had a tough time.  Not only is the economy been hurt, but when the grass and greens are not lusciously deep green, it just does not have the same appeal.  A manicured lawn takes a lot of work, but keeping it watered is of utmost importance to keep it growing and thriving.  Many golf courses or other business lawns may have a sprinkler system, but have not done all the needed repairs, such as replacing the  sprinkler heads so they have more water output.  This alone can make such a great improvement.

Of course, a sprinkler system is a major investment in your property, yet a great asset that shows your care of the property as well.  It  is something worth researching, and is a great place to start!



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