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Information Article: Chlorella Benefits


was first introduced to chlorella when I was pregnant with my daughter who just turned 16 from my midwife.  She encouraged me to drink a “green drink” which is full of chlorella.   What is chlorella?  It is a micro-algae that is naturally occurring, mainly found in water, full of nutrients.  It contains mainly protein and vitamins such as vitamin E, B and C along with minerals like zinc and iron.  

So what are the chlorella benefits?  For me, I noticed that it helped greatly with extreme tiredness.   I have read a lot on it, and know that there are numerous benefits, that it is very much worth considering putting into one’s diet.  My daughter has had numerous  x-rays and various tests that we are concerned what is put into her body.  Chlorella is known to break down toxins and help the body detoxify.  It can help lower blood pressure and high cholesterol and help regulate blood sugar levels.   Of course, a doctor should still be involved and watching the affect of the chlorella and no medications abruptly stopped by the patient!

Chlorella has also been shown to help with asthma, ulcers, depression and various cancers.  It’s definitely a “superfood” worth being informed about and seeing how it can benefit you!



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