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Information Article: Hotel Supplies & Catering Supplies


nowing several people personally who are in both the restaurant and Bed and Breakfast business, we have some grasp of what a great undertaking it is.  There are so many requirements to pass inspections just in order to get the business up and running.  Needless to say, there are many purchases needed from reliable Hotel Supplies & Catering Supplies.  

It can take a lot just to run a normal family household.  Imagine a restaurant or bed and breakfast and the professional quality it needs to be.  Just step into a professional kitchen or bed and breakfast.  Items such as professional quality cookware are absolutely needed from a Hotel Supply source.  But that is just the beginning.  Think of everything from a toaster to coffee pots – flatware to cleaning supplies along with dishes, glasses, coffee cups and SO much more!  That’s just for one room!

A Bed and Breakfast requires so much more  . . .  really, anything needed for daily living, from the bedroom linens to bathroom towels, shower curtains, hair dryer, radio clocks, vacuums, and a variety of household type cleaners needed for a professional business. PeachSuite Wholesale Hotel Supply & Restaurant Supplier is a great option for finding the needed items for these types of businesses to run smoothly and professionally.  



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