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Five Minute Friday: Graceful Moments ~ A Graceful Birth


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I have been putting thoughts together this past week, so many running through my head.  Monday I was at the birth of my dear friend’s labor and birth.  How do I work graceful into this? Well, graceful is full of grace, right?  🙂  Hannah has been full of grace in my life in the past 16+ years I have known her.  We have shared rough times and very precious times.  We have truly wept together and rejoiced together.  

Almost three years ago I was with her shortly after she had her baby, Uriah.  Uriah only lived two days.  I was with her when his heart stopped beating and wept tears with her and her husband.  I held his precious little body.  Despite the deep pain, Hannah was very graceful, inviting me into this short time with her son.  We shared heaven’s edge together.  

Monday it was the opposite, still on heaven’s edge, but watching her go through labor as she brought forth a precious little girl. I held hands with her, her husband, the doctor and another friend, as the doctor led prayer asking for safety for both Hannah and the baby, and giving God the glory.  It was a precious, graceful time.

Hannah thought she over reacted during labor, but as I was face to face with her, breathing with her through contractions, when she’d had a few moments of relief, she’d sing with the music in the background, praising God, tears slipping over cheeks and nose.  It was a grace-filled time, not blaming God, hearing her whispers of thanking God for the little girl about to be born.  Yes, she was graceful.  I was awestruck.

Her husband stayed by her side, encouraging her, massaging her back and feet, sometimes kneeling by her with his head sunk in the bed.  I imagine he was quietly praying for her.  It was a graceful moment to observe.

And then little Selah Grace arrived, literally flying into the doctor’s arms, and there was great rejoicing.  I imagine little Uriah dancing in heaven with the angels when this beautiful baby let out her first cry. Tears streamed many faces.  The pain of labor quickly vanished and hearts melted together, welcoming Selah Grace,  a beautiful, graceful little girl!

And what a gift I was given, to be with Hannah these two precious, personal times on heaven’s edge with her.  What graceful times that will forever be etched on my heart.

Thank you Hannah!

” . . . The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away;
    may the name of the Lord be praised.”
Job 1:21

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” five minutes of free writing without worrying about getting it right “



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9 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Graceful Moments ~ A Graceful Birth

  1. ok leaking eyes over here!!! Amazing…wonderful…God is sooo good. I’ve never seen/ been there when a friend has given birth, but now…… is a new share in that joy…And praise God for his amazing gift. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you Loni!
    I’m so thankful the Lord has blessed us with such a great friendship!
    Monday was such a wonderful day! Well, most of it. 😉 I could have NEVER made it through without all of you there.
    I still can’t believe He gave me such a beautiful and precious little girl. I’m positive the Lord has allowed Uriah to peek over the edge of heaven to see his little sister. He’s probably running all over heaven bragging about her.
    God’s grace will NEVER cease to amaze me!!!!!
    Oh by the way…my name means full of grace. 🙂

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