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Five Minute Friday: Ready or Not – CHANGE!


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We are going through a season of major changes.  In some ways it’s kind of scary . . . other ways, exciting.  My younger girls are excited with some of the change.  With two sisters marrying this year, it means instead of three girls in each bedroom, it’s two!  They want to change everything around . . .  from who is in what bedroom, painting walls and who is going to sleep in the top bunk.  But, it’s still different wit the change of two married sisters.

After twenty years of homeschooling, we are making a slight change.  One of our daughters is going to take three high school classes at a charter school (while still homeschooling the other four at home).  We are doing this on a trial basis.  We  were at the school today, watching all the kids stream in and out.  It’s a very small school and the teachers were all very pleasant.  But it’s still a major change.  She’s a strong child, and I don’t worry as much about her.  If she can make it through three open heart surgeries and stay strong in her convictions, the change will grow her.

Another  change on the horizon is after 25 years of being at home full-time, I am looking for an outside, part-time job.  I have an interview next week.   My husband is also slowly moving his business of small engine repair from home to a very prominent local store in town.  It’s going to be some major changes in our household in a very short time.  

Deep breath . . . pray . . . another deep breath . . .  Yet, there is One that never does change!!

“For I the LORD do not change;
therefore you, O children of Jacob, are not consumed”
~ Malachi 3:6

Joining Lisa-Jo and her Five Minute Friday.
” five minutes of free writing without worrying about getting it right “



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10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Ready or Not – CHANGE!

  1. Ooh, Loni, you have much happening right now! What a perfect scripture reference to keep you balanced. Blessings to you. I look forward to seeing you around the FMF community.

  2. Oh my — my heart is palpitating for you! Praying for your interview, friend. and trusting His glory will shine through in all these changes….growing pains….

    and I still don’t know how you find time to blog while all this is going on!!! What an inspirations you are 😉

  3. what a great verse in the face of all of your changes…praying God gives you peace and grace with your interview and all the changes…wow…thanks for stopping by my blog, Loni 🙂

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