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Information Article: Quit Smoking!


y husband has joked through the years, that it’s a good thing I do not smoke. I’d be a two packs a day person, for sure.  Though my “crutch” can be chocolate and sweets, which certainly is not good either (well, it DOES taste good), it does not have the same hazards as smoking.   Four million people die from smoking related diseases every year . . . that is about one person dying every eight seconds.  That is scary!

I am thinking of one of my dear friends who deals with a lot of stress on a daily basis, helping families and the community.  She has been a smoker for some time. One day her little girl asked if she’d share her cigarettes with her some day. When she told her no, the little one cried. It broke that mama’s heart.  She decided she had to quit for her children, once and for ever!  And she’s been doing an amazing job beating smoking!  I am so proud of her.  And someday her kids will be too, when they understand what she did, for them, and for herself!

Today she told me,  “3249 cigarettes not smoked…over $1100 saved in 163 days as a non-smoker!!!”  That is a LOT of money!  Imagine 6 months . . .  a year . . . two years!  There could be enough money saved for a nice vacation!  And imagine what health she has given back to her body . . . AND her family!

Keep going girlfriend!  I am proud of you!



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