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Five Minute Friday: JOINED


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I’ve heard these words numerous times in the last few months – or at least the connotation to it:

What therefore God hath joined together,
let not man put asunder.
Mark 10:9

In our church from the spring until just before Christmas, there will be at least ten weddings, two of them our twin daughters.   Some of the other  “kids” that have married, we have known for a long time . . . others are new in our lives.  None-the-less, it has been real neat seeing all these young couples, joined together.  Each wedding has been unique.  A few weeks ago our Pastor and his wife renewed their wedding vows – which our pastor arranged as a surprise for his wife.  It was pretty sweet.  I am thankful for the example shown of keeping  joined what God has joined together.

I am thankful for people in our lives that have helped us stay joined together.  Marriage is not easy.  It  is major work.  Just today a senior citizen aged woman told me that despite their 45 plus years of marriage, it was difficult and there were times she was ready to leave her husband, but it was worth the sacrifices at that time to keep working.  

And many times, as we continue in the journey of marriage, and go through the rough times, yet needs do not seem to be met as we expected . . . we fail and our spouse fails, we learn that God still wants to be our all, and wants to be joined with us even more closely than our spouse. 

The deepest root of Christian womanhood
is hope in God.
She doesn’t put her hope 
in her husband, 
or in getting one,
and she doesn’t put her hope
in her looks.
~ John Piper

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5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: JOINED

  1. Such a great post. Not many things compare to the joining together of a man and a women. I recently joined my daughter to her husband in marriage. I am so thankful that they are both joined with Christ. Their marriage will be a success because they are joined together in Him!

  2. I agree… there is nothing as fulfilling as a good marriage. It helps when you are both committed to Christ and being together, because the expectations are the same. Thanks for speaking of this.

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