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Information Article: Considering New Home Construction?


our home is over 30 years old. We bought it when it was only 20 years old, but it was built by non-professionals and many corners were cut.  Over the years we have made improvements, from putting more insulation in, new windows, putting up drywall ceilings rather than the drop-ceiling it had, a new wall around the open staircase that was a wimpy cast-iron type that goes on a deck, etc.  There’s still many things that need to be done, especially as the house ages and the children wear it out!  

At one time we looked into building a home, and what a dream that still would be, especially to have more things in just the right spot and much better construction.  We have certainly learned that energy efficient home construction would be a must to look into.  We still put plastic on the bedroom windows and patio doors.  Wood heat is about the only type that really keeps this house warm in the winter months.

I would imagine, if a family can afford to have a home built, it would be an ideal time during the recession, to get someone building quickly, get what you need, and get top quality.

I love looking at ideas.  Here’s one to definitely check out, a home construction company that has been in business for over 25 years.  What lovely homes they display on their website and on this video.



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