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In ‘Other’ Words: Final Adoption


“‎Our children can learn that . . . .
the concept of “family” does not rest solely on biology.
They can learn that love transcends many artificial boundaries
frequently put into place by humans.
They can learn that closing one door
can open another door
and another and another . . . .

Caroline Harding, adoptive parent


he other day I saw on our coffee table a library book called,  Adoption Is for Always.  I don’t know what made one of our children take that particular book out, but it kind of sucked the breath out of me.  I’ve not always had a good picture of adoption.  I was adopted when I was just a baby.  I did not bond with my parents or my sister.  We all went through a pretty rough time.  And to be honest, I do think many adopted kids have a rough time with identity and wrapping their minds around why their birth mother gave them up.  Even as a mom now, I cannot ever imagine giving up one of my children.  My husband has many adopted cousins, and some have gone through some major struggles.  I have a dear close friend who has one child, an adopted son, and she’s gone through so much with him.  

And yet, I’ve seen the beauty of adoption, from both sides.  I’ve witnessed the miracle of adoption, praying for a young couple and just weeks later are blessed with one son and then a short time later, another.   They are so much “their” children and the grandparents love those boys as much as they love their blood-related grandchildren.  It’s pure joy to see.  And recently, I’ve learned some of a story of a mom giving up a daughter for adoption and now she is going across the world to see her.  She was adopted by a missionary family.  Sunday yet another family was at church with three foster children, in hopes to adopt them.  It was precious hearing the young ones call them mommy and daddy.  The love from the older children was so heart-warming.  

And as we have added new children to our family through marriage, I am getting a little picture of “adoption” and loving more children . . . even worrying about more children!   There are sad stories of adoptions not working.  There are sad stories of prodigal children and prodigal parents . . .  not working – even blood-related.

Yet, the purest adoption picture is still so hard to completely wrap ones mind around, is that of Jesus.  I just read this from Ann at A Holy Experience:

. . . a Jew died for us. We who were once sentenced to death have been offered the shocking gift of salvation, of being flat out rescued, of being saved. If we believe  we’re the lost who are saved — how can we lose our First Love? How can our bones not burn with thanks, with love, with the message of Who saved us? How can anything after His rescuing — be anything but appalling gift?

I’ve been adopted by this Jewish Man to be my Father forever.  One of my favorite Bible verses comes from the short book of Jude:

. . . To those who are called,
beloved in God the Father
and KEPT for Jesus Christ . . . 
Jude 1:1b (emphasis mine)

Jesus broke all the barriers of adoption.  It does not matter race, childhood, sins, the tattoos on your arms, etc.  He has written our names forever etched into His hands, never to be deleted, forgotten, rejected.  We only need to say yes to Him . . . thank Him for His eternal gift of Salvation and believe He is our Father and died for us each personally.  He wants us to accept Him.   He’s already accepted us.   It’s an adoption made in heaven!

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