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Take a “SneakPeeq”! :)


o you like shopping for unique gifts at terrific discounts? ME TOO!! I joined this site several months ago, and really enjoy watching for specials and getting a “sneek peeq” at their prices.  

 For instance, look at this Diamond Candle.  There are numerous different scents, including Cinnamon Roll, HoneySuckle, HoneyDew Melon, White Chocolate, Gingerbread Latte, Sunwashed, or Cuddle.  They ALL sound wonderful, BUT . . .  here’s the neat part about these unique candles.  EVERYONE of the  highly fragrant premium soy candles candles has a hidden ring in it valued at $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000 and it could be  a ruby, sapphire, or diamond!!! I will take one of each, huh?!?!?!  Wouldn’t this make a nice gift for a special friend (and one for yourself too!).

There’s everything from one of a kind jewelry to triple chocolate pralines (you know chocolate and candles go well together!), to special magnetic jewelry cases and new things EVERY day!  You can earn points by sharing and “peeqing” at their hidden prices.

So go ahead . . . I know you want too!  Take a “sneakpeeq” and when you do, sign in through your Facebook account.  I get points for you doing that.  I am saving up for a candle and ruby ring!  🙂



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