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Information Article: Engagement Rings!


n the last two years we have had quite a bit of excitement with three of our kids getting engaged! First it was our son on the Forth of July in 2010 . . . with writing in the sand , asking, “marry me?” and even all lit up with sparklers in the sand.  Then both our twin daughters have gotten engaged (at separate times)  both near the shores of Lake Michigan, and both were surprised.  Their weddings are just 5 months apart!

Of course, one of the exciting parts is their beautiful engagement rings to show off and each of the three guys did a wonderful job picking out the perfect ring and surprising their girl. They were really able to capture what their girl’s individual tastes are, but I am sure it was difficult too!  There are SO many different rings to pick from, just even starting from these Top 10 Diamond Engagement Rings.

Not that it really matters what “I” like, when I look at the various DiamondWave engagement rings, what  really stands out to me are the beautiful and unique vintage engagement rings.  These are probably some of my very favorite.  Though neither of the guys said so, two of the rings our girls received, do somewhat resemble these vintage type and they have such captivating beauty to them.

I was able to wear my engagement ring for over 25 years and then it more thin and had to be cut off when I was pregnant with our last child.  I was rather sad to have to do that.  But it was exciting to pick out another ring.  I was able to pick out a new setting and have my original engagement diamond put in it.  An engagement ring is an investment and a lifetime precious treasure!



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