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Information Article: Central Jersey


s I am planning out different things my children will learn together  for our new homeschooling year, one is various places in the United States that we would like to know more about and possibly visit sometime.  One such place is the central part of New Jersey.  

A man most of us have heard throughout history, who was also homeschooled as a child, is Thomas Edison.  The Edison Memorial Park is located in in Central Jersey and features the Memorial Tower which stands 131 feet above the Terrace, and at the top is a bulb,  25 foot high,  made of Pyrex segments.  Imagine the delight of our kids seeing this and learning more about Edison.  There is also the Menlo Park Museum which holds many of Thomas Edison’s inventions, including the phonograph and various light bulbs

Nearby in Central Jersey is Liberty Hall Museum, filled with stories of families traditions.  My girls would enjoy admiring the women’s fashions from the Victorian era and want a tea party on the glass-enclosed porch which overlooks formal English gardens.  Some of New Jersey’s oldest trees can be seen here as well.  East Town Olde Towne Village also sounds fascinating which showcases the Vanderveer House, built in 1745 and was moved to the present location in 1976.  There are items like bottles from the mid 1800’s, eating utensils from the early 1800’s and even a shoe from the late 1700’s, displayed.

Of course it cannot all be historical places to visit and “learn” about! Kids want to have fun and play as well!  There’s plenty to see and do for this, including a large indoor theme park which features numerous arcade games and even indoor rides, called iPlay America.

This is barely a glimpse of all the things available to see and learn about in Central Jersey!



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