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Information Article: Where to find LOTS of Free Samples & Great Coupons!


s a mom trying to be frugal, I look for great deals, coupons for things I really would use and need and free samples by mail to see if I’d really use new items or something I just really hesitate to buy. Yet, with my  busy household, I do not have the time to search all over the internet to find coupons for the products I’d use or even the new items on the market.  I need help!  So, I love it when I can find a website that does a lot of the work for me and puts the deals on one page!

There can be so many things as moms and women that we are looking for, including baby food and products, cosmetics, skin and hair care, book and e-books, car deals, clothes for the newborn to the child going to college, food for the picky eater and health conscience eater, Christmas music and quiet, soothing music, movie deals for the family, dog and cat food, travel specials for the family, etc.  Where do you look for all this?  How do you find the newest deals quickly before it’s gone?   Where can you find free stuff online?  It’s available in one place!

And then there’s the shopping for a new cell phone because the baby threw yours in the toilet, or your teenager lost his for the second time in a month, or you just want to update yourself and have a smart phone!  It is possible to get great deals and even free cell phones! is a new place I am looking for free samples, coupons and a lot of the work being done for me!



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