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In ‘Other’ Words: Trusting & Seeking Him

This I declare about the Lord:
He alone is my refuge,
my place of safety;
He is my God,
and I trust Him.

Psalm 91:2 NLT


just wonder . . .  when the doubts clog my brain, when the drama is at it’s highest, when it seems like so much really stinks and misunderstandings are going around in the whirlpool which too many are stirring , if I’d whisper over and over . . .

HE is my refuge
I am safe! 
HE is my God
I can trust  Him!

If I’d only remember, HE knows the truth, HE knows my intentions, HE knows my flaws and sins, HE can correct them better than me or anyone else, and HE is always enough though I try to be and fail, along with others.

Can you tell it’s been a rough week?  Yes, lots of drama along with our well that possibly went dry and still planning a graduation party in a month and a wedding in 3 months.  It seems overwhelming.  There’s been sleepless nights and communication break-downs.  It’s easy to feel misunderstood, hurt, betrayed and yet I am trying to learn, that it is okay.  God knows and in the end, I never leave His hands and He is still in control.  He may let things break down in more than one way, but He knows how to put the pieces back together again and make it better than new and use it to glorify Him.

I am safe . . .  I know my family and children are safe.  We may not all be right where we want to be in life, but God can grow us through it.  I am hiding in Him . . . or at least am right now . . .  until I try to fix it myself, and then, it really gets messed up.

I’m trusting and seeking Him again.

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One thought on “In ‘Other’ Words: Trusting & Seeking Him

  1. Covering you with prayers that you are lifted up with strength, encouragement and sleep! I’m so sorry to hear about your week and sounds like you’re dealing with a full plate.

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