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Information Article: Sometimes Baby Formula IS Needed


 am very much an advocate of breastfeeding.  It is the best nutrition for the baby, with the milk rich in nutrients and antibodies. A woman’s body knows how much milk to have ready for the baby, so over feeding is generally not a problem.  But there are times when stress, lack of sleep, health issues of the mama or even the baby, that breastfeeding cannot fullfill the baby or be quite enough.

Though I breastfed eleven children, there did come a time with several of my children, I just could not produce enough.  Having enough breast milk for twins was hard and then with my youngest, when I was 43 years old, dealing with high blood pressure, I had to supplement with baby formulas.  At first I felt very guilty, like I was not doing my best for him.  But one evening an older daughter was changing his diaper and I could see how thin and frail he looked.  It scared me and I was given a peace to do the best for him.  I was very thankful for the gift of a good baby formula that could him him grow good when my body could not adequately provide for him.

However, formula can be quite expensive.  It is always good to get advice from the child’s doctor or pediatrician what is the best formula to supplement with.  One option that may be given is a soy based baby formula and  Parent’s Choice Infant Formula has this type available at a considerable lower cost than the name brands.  This brand is available at Walmart stores throughout the United States.  Discuss with your pediatrician to see if the right type of this brand can be given to your baby since it is nutritionally complete and meets the nutritional guidelines determined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  It can be quite a money saver, saving families  $600 a year by switching to a Parent’s Choice Formula over many of the name brand formulas.  

Breast milk is best, but keeping your baby healthy and fed is of utmost importance, and sometimes formula has to be used to fulfill this.



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