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Letting Worries Go


his is a tough one and it’s definitely something God has been working on in my life. Panic over losing another child can be quite captivating, suffocating, and mind consuming.  The “what if’s” can play like a movie in my mind, with all the worst scenarios.  It especially has happened when older children are late getting home or we don’t know where they are.

I don’t worry about my children nearly as much as I use to, especially as they have become adults.  Our three oldest have moved out (two are married).  I know some of the decisions they make are not the ones I would make for them, and I know they will have to learn lessons the hard way (like texting and driving and totaling a car – true story).   Worrying can be so heart-stopping.  And, slowly God has showed me He has their days numbered.  Not me.  And even though I’d like to stop them from some decisions they might make, I am no longer responsible.  It is between them and God.  I can let go, and let God.

Of course, if one of my children made a very wayward decision away from God, I can only imagine the heart wrenching pain it would be.  I know I’d want to beg them to come back, to seek His face, to make the right decisions.  But we are not there, and I do not need to borrow the problems that might happen.  

It’s definitely a process of letting God and giving them over to God, just as we did with them as infants and dedicated them to God.  They are still God’s.  The apron string are mostly severed.

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