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5 Minute Friday: Risk ~ A Dad’s Risk to Forgive


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My heart is heavy, yet in awe as a family glorified God in the midst of the deepest pain known to them. A father spoke at his 17 year old son’s funeral today.  I don’t know how he did it, other than God’s amazing peace and grace.  He shared of the ups and downs of a “normal” family. . .the joys of his athletic son, his radiant ways, yet,  the troublesome times, the fights with a teenager who knew more than his parents, of a dad who was right and wanted to be honored and obeyed.  And then last week the father took a big step of faith as God laid on his heart to forgive his son. It was an emotional risk when he brought his children together, and told him he was sorry, he was not the perfect father, he said things he should not have and then, asked for,  forgiveness.  His son, Tal, was the first to say he forgave him, and that he too was not the perfect kid.  The risk the father took asking for forgiveness produced reconciliation.  I can only imagine the rejoicing that exploded in heaven over this!

That day was a beautiful family day.  There was peace.  Smiles and laughter were bountiful.  Family memories were made.  Father and son caught eyes often, sharing the new bond that had transpired.  God’s will was done in making things right.  Imagine if the dad had not done what God had laid on his heart.  That would have been much more of a risk.  Little did they know what would transpire in the next 24 hours.

The next morning, Father’s Day, Tal woke up in heaven.  There’s no reason why except, he breathed his last breath here, and the next one of celestial air.   His days were numbered, and it ended that day.  Tal’s work was done on earth.  And so the dad encouraged the hundreds at his son’s funeral to not take the risk of not reconciling but to to forgive and to make things right before it is too late.

Life is too short.  Life is too precious.

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You can read more of this Tal & his family in this
newspaper article.
Would you also please whisper a prayer for them?
They have a long road of finding their “new normal”
without their son. 

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9 thoughts on “5 Minute Friday: Risk ~ A Dad’s Risk to Forgive

  1. WOW that would have been a very hard funeral. But amazing. Sounds like one of those BUT God moments! Obedience in the risky business of following God’s urges and pushes is always sooo blessed. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Just last night I spent a lot of time in conversation with my parents and my brother seeking forgiveness for some things I did wrong and offering forgiveness to them. It’s hard to have those conversations, but you are so right. It’s too risky to not. Life is just too short to leave things unsaid.

    Mary Beth

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