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In ‘Other’ Words: What’s your purpose each morning?

“There is only one answer to our craving 
for more meaning or more purpose in life, 
and that is God himself.”
Marilyn Meberg


could barely sleep Friday night.  I was so excited for the morning because I was riding with one friend who was going to a meeting in the city of another good friend of mine.  I would meet my friend at the church where the meeting was and we’d be able to spend a few hours together and I’d be able to see her new house for the first time.  I was just giddy with excitement!  The ride with my friend was with an older, wiser woman who has been a great encouragement to me.  It did not seem like we were in the car 90 minutes each way!  My my time with my friend was absolutely delightful, and too short.  But it was wonderful, none the less.

Whenever I have something planned, especially for early morning, I can hardly sleep before.  I worry I am going to miss my alarm.  I am not a morning person and I just am afraid I am going to oversleep.  One of our pastor’s said something interesting Sunday night that got me thinking.  How do we wake up in the morning?  Do we jump out of bed, ready to serve God?  Do we wake up with HIM as our first thought?  Are we ready to begin our day thinking of Him and how we will praise Him?  Do we wonder how we will get other things done, because we need so much time with God first?  Or is He last, and we barely fit Him in?

And I think of how many mornings I’ve woken up planning my day, or worried about a bill, or a wedding, a relationship, etc. and barely fit God in.  I want my excitement to be renewed, like when I went to visit my friend – to wake up and know God is pursuing me – and I, with joy,  begin my day fully complete with Him.

How about you?  What’s your purpose when you wake up?

This week’s IOW is hosted by Tami, on her blog, The Next Step.
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One thought on “In ‘Other’ Words: What’s your purpose each morning?

  1. I confess my first thought upon waking is to ask God for something, not dwell on His greatness or rejoice in having another day with Him, but an “Oh God, could you . . .?” The only way to change that is concentrated time with Him. Make me new, Lord!

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