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Information Article: Body Improvement Needed!


ince I have birthed a dozen babies, including twins born the day before their due date,  I will never ever have the perfect body without the “leftovers”, (as I call it).  There’s just so much I can suck in!  And being overweight does not help either, and there’s no immediate change with that.  So when I get dressed up, especially for things like weddings, of which we have two daughters marrying this year, any help I can get, I will take!  I certainly want to fit nicely into a dress that may help me look a bit more slim, and I definitely need something like this Best Body shaper, which helps suck it in so I don’t have to be holding my breath through all the pictures!  (Can anyone relate?!?!?)

My absolute favorite one is the Bra and Cami with cleavage cover which is beautiful, helps again with sucking it in, and helps with modesty.  I love to wear cami’s under low cut tops, and to have one that can help me look and feel better is sure an added plus!  Especially for a long day, like at a wedding, with hugging people, bending over, and getting all those pictures taken, it’s nice to know I am fully covered with seamless shape wear and not have to worry about hiking up my top all the time or pinning something shut to cover more.  I’d love to have one of these in each color that is offered – white, brown and black.  These would make a great gift too – hint, hint!!



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