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Five Minute Friday ~ PATH


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Our pastor told a story of a  path this past Sunday. He had his toddler grandson by his garden.  The little guy wanted to go for a walk around the garden.  His grandpa told him he could, but to “stay on the path“.   How many two  year olds stay on a path? He walked along the path, but soon veered off, into a brier bush.  Grandpa had to go to the rescue, pull him out of the brier bush, and set him back on the path with the instructions again, to “stay on the   path”.

Isn’t this the picture of our lives?  We stay on the paths God leads us on, but sometimes, we think it’s greener on the other side, or there’s just some fun thing we just want to try – just once –  and we get stuck, veering off God’s path. We get hurt and wounded, and we wonder why.  It’s easy to have excuses and blame things and someone.   And yet, God is there, ready to pick us up, put us back on His path, brush us off, forgive, and reminding us His mercies are new every morning.

It’s not always an easy path even when we are on God’s path but our endurance is built through the rough spots and at the end of the path the reward is priceless.

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5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday ~ PATH

  1. Yes, love this: “endurance is built in the rough spots.” I have wandered into many a brier bush! So thankful for the Father continuing to pull me out, setting me straight again. . . and again. Thank you for this wise and lovely post.

  2. So thankful for His grace and mercy! Many a time I have headed off in my own direction…so glad He is right there to carry me back, dust me off and set me off in the right direction…again and again!!

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