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Information Article: Sony Batteries and Charger


ith having large family, we certainly go through a numerous amount of batteries.  It seems like almost on a daily basis someone is looking for a battery for some toy or a game or game controller.  And, it seems on a fairly regular basis someone gets accused of “stealing” a battery or two from a TV remote, someone’s music player.  I don’t know if we can ever have enough batteries, especially with the variety that is needed!

But the one thing that irks me the most to find a Sony Camera Battery missing from my camera, just when I want to take a picture.  Or, I grab my camera to take along with me, and then at the place I want to take the pictures, discover, no batteries!  I’ve missed too many special moments!  One option to consider is to have an extra sony cybershot battery with me, that is fully charged and stashed away in my purse for these emergency purposes!  Then, if I could get into the habit of remembering to  use the sony cybershot battery charger when one is dead and put the recharged one back in my purse where I know it is, I would not have these unfortunate times of missing special pictures.

Of course, the extra batteries and charger would absolutely be off limits to my kids and be mom’s possession only!



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