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Information Article: Spice Racks



our first daughter was married just a little over a week ago.  I think she is having as much fun setting up her little apartment as she did planning her wedding.  She is very much into the decorating and getting everything into it’s right place.  Her kitchen is at the top of this list, as she loves to bake and cook.  One decision she had to make was finding the perfect kitchen spice rack.  She did a lot of baking and cooking in my kitchen, and I have one of these white spice racks which has worked wonderfully.

But my daughter needs something that does not take up a lot of space.  Thankfully their landlord does allow them to put things on the wall which certainly helps so she does not have to use the very little counter and drawer space she has.  My daughter also grows some of her own herbs, so she will need to have a spice rack that some of the containers are not labeled and easy to put dried items into and one that can even be added to would be ideal.

 It’s fun setting up a kitchen and getting things the way it will work ideally.  It’s just the beginning for her!  I look forward to seeing what  she finally decides on and our first meal at their little place.



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