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Difficult Good-Byes

I do not look at good-byes quite the same since closing the casket lid of our 16 year old son, in late 2004.  My heart breaks for one dear friend who has a prodigal son, and he comes and goes and sometimes she does not know for weeks if and when she will see him again.  Another friend has a son in the Army, and her heart has ached for her son.  And I know some of the feeling . . . but I know they will most likely see their sons again, this side of heaven.

The death of our son in 2004 and the death of our stillborn daughter in 1998 will always be the most difficult good-byes.  Parents are not suppose to bury their children.   It is hard to compare anything else with that.  But, we are adjusting to a new, “good” good-bye – the marriage of our daughter – not having to check-up to see when she will be home, and trying to worry less in this new letting go.  It’s not a good-bye to her – but a good-bye to her living here and soon to follow will be her twin sister.  It’s different.  It’s an adjustment.  But, I know it’s not a finality, but a new beginning for her.  

And with our hope in Jesus, with our loved ones that know Him, no good-bye is ever permanent.  It really should be, “see you in awhile”.  


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