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Information Article: Starr Law Group



hen I was in college and during my first couple years of marriage,  I worked as a legal secretary for one of the largest legal offices in our state, and then for probably one of the smallest.   Through the years, I’ve heard of attorneys taking advantage of their clients and the outrageous costs without getting things settled.  I know that finding the right attorney is like finding the right family doctor.  You need to find someone  you trust and you can communicate well with.

One such group I have heard of is the Starr Law Group.  Their main objective is to serve their community with a strong sense of ethics and provide legal services to those who deserve and need aid.  Not only have they graduated from excellent law schools they must also demonstrate high integrity and good citizenship.  In other words, they must have a caring, personal heart with those that they serve.  Starr Law Group wants to be available to those, who through no fault of their own, have been hurt and wronged by others and need and deserve legal recourse.

Starr Law Group wants to be known as a helping, caring group of personable individuals, strengthening and  making the world a better place to live in, and to be a role model with high standards.



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One thought on “Information Article: Starr Law Group

  1. I am checking this Law Firm out before I give them money! I’m near Clev. Oh. !!!! My Loan is serviced by MorEquity/Nationstar! I need the best help I can get and they don’t just take my money!!!!!! My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney knows nothing about Loan Modification and the fact that the servicer was ripping us off while in Chpt. 13!!!!!!! God Bless you Loni !!!! I’ve been married 36yrs. to the same man & we’ve had our share of ups & downs; but with Gods help & both compromising we raised Scott, 45yrs. Jeff,43yrs. We had 4 miscarriages then Ryan,25yrs. Then one more miscarriage!!! Ryan almost died at 5yrs.9mon. He survived his illness with everyones prayers & the change of monthly rotation to Skilled Physician he got well very quickly! Then we became Foster/Adoptive Parents and Ashley, 22&Aaron,21. Casey,17yrs.8mon. & she thinks she’s 30!! Jessica is 17 & they are all ours!!!!

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