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Information Article: Dial-Up Internet


f you live or work in a rural area like us, you may find, like us, the options for internet service quite limited.   We are continually checking to see if there is something new we can hook up with and have faster service.  With kids in college and taking on-line classes and with various business things we need to do, we need to be able to have multiple access points to the internet and it needs to be quick.

Unfortunately, many of us in the rural area are many times still stuck with dial-up internet.  Thankfully, dial-up has changed over the years and it can be quicker, some providing a high speed accelerator that does speed up dial-up internet service.  For us having a home business, our biggest concern is cost – do we have a second line that is dedicated for internet or do we chance missing calls if we are on-line using dial up.  However, there is the option now for those that have call-waiting to be alerted while on-line to put the caller on-hold and for us to be able to disconnect and catch the call.

When we first signed up for dial-up service we were in a contract which obligated for us to be with them for so many years.  This sure makes it difficult as various services upgrade and we can find a better deal.  Some companies now offer their service with no obligation of a contract, which, personally, I think is the best way to go, if possible.  Hopefully, in time, dsl will also be offered in our area, but for now, we are thankful for what we do have!



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