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Puppy Jail?

Ohhh, the timing of this question . . . . “MY” dog has been in BIG trouble this week. He is a “MokiePoo” – (Yorkie, Maltese and Poodle mix), about nine months old.  He’s chewed a few things, like my son’s expensive ear buds on Christmas Day, but overall has not been too bad as long as he has his toys to chew . . .  until this past week.  He chewed up TWO pairs of my flip flops . . . one a favorite pair I loved with cute beads on it.  I was not happy.  I wanted to send him to puppy jail.  

And, thankfully, he did not get any shoes for the wedding (yet).

So, yes . . . if I could make my puppy understand one thing, is don’t chew my shoes (or anyone elses either!).  

I’m trying to be more conscience about just kicking off my shoes.

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