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Information Article: New Jersey Solar Panels


y husband has had an interest in solar panels for quite some time, starting before Y2K . . . remember that?!?! And we got pulled in, hook, line and sinker!  And my husband bought about five or six solar panels and that was the beginning.  He still works with them . . . having them charge batteries through an inverter that then can be used for various thing around the house.  He had it run our pellet stove for awhile during the winter.  We have a solar panel company in our county, but it’s not done well as far as business.  If only people would understand how this can be used to help personally . . . like lowering our electric bills!

In doing some reading, I have found that there are New Jersey solar panels being made by Arosa Energy.   There are mainly two different ways solar energy can be used.  One main way is through photovoltaic systems (PV) which takes in the sun’s rays through modules such as solar panels, and using a converter transfers it to our type of electrical current through the house.  To get enough energy does depend on how much sun the panels receive.   The neat thing about it is that most people find that for residential PV systems, it can pay for itself in so many years, and there’s the incentive of  large rebates from federal and state which sure makes it worth investigating!

The other type that NJ solar power also features is solar thermal systems which uses the sun to heat water, such as for pools or keeping tanks of water warm.  I remember my parents using the solar pool blankets on our pool twenty-five plus years ago and it’s come so far since!  I can only imagine the electricity it can save such has not having to keep heat a pool during the cool summer evenings if the heat can be held in.

Arosa Energy sounds like an interesting company to look into and learn a lot from.



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