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Holding on to Time and Memories


n less than two weeks our first daughter will be getting married.

These past few days she’s been packing up a lot of her things.  It brought tears to my eyes when I saw numerous boxes stacked in the hall outside her bedroom, with a stuffed animal on the top.  Two of our boys moved out awhile ago, but it was different.  They were gone a lot already.  And, there’s just a little bit more with protecting and guiding a daughter.  And her fiance has spent a lot of time here with our family, like our son spent a lot of time with his now wife’s family during their dating time.  And soon, it will change, and she will be gone . . . and five months later her twin sister too.  It’s a bittersweet time.  It’s what we brought them up for  – this goal to first have a love for God, and then find a godly husband and really, so much more could have happened and more wayward ways than the drama and stresses we’ve endured the last few months as we’ve gotten to these last days before the wedding.  My heart is thrilled for her, but kinda sad too.

That lump was in my throat too when we dropped the wedding invitations off at the post office a month ago.  I remember when my husband and I did this . . . how can it be so soon that we are now doing this with our daughters?  We’ve been looking through pictures, and it just does not seem like over twenty years ago that I had these beautiful twin girls and now they have engagement rings on their fingers and one with a wedding dress in her closet and the other about to order one.  The time has slipped away too quickly and time seems more fragile . . .and precious.

So you might not finding me writing as much in the next couple of weeks.  We have special memories awaiting and to hold on to, a bit longer and new ones to look forward to unfolding.



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3 thoughts on “Holding on to Time and Memories

  1. Loni, I understand, totally. My oldest daughter will be married in just 39 days! I cannot believe how fast the time flew by. Seems like yesterday she was sitting on my lap with her bottle and pacifier in hand. She has also been packing, preparing to move to make a home with her soon-to-be husband. It’s bittersweet! Praying all goes well as you are in the final stages of wedding preparation.

  2. Enjoy and cherish each and every moment…trust me it will be ok. I to was once afraid of what marriage would do to our family but what it has done is just increased our joy.

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