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e are on the countdown to our first daughter’s wedding, just a few weeks away, and then we will begin planning the next daughter’s wedding for the fall!  Several have told us we will need a vacation after all this, and I totally agree!  I think, WE will need a honeymoon!  And, I’ve got the perfect place picked out!   Oh how I would Love the Moment in VIRGINIA BEACH!  Want to dream with me?

In pouring over the various webpages and pictures, it just seems like a glimpse of heaven!  It will be easy to get away and find our own little special spot,  with over 4,000 acres of parks and national refuges and 194 navigable kilometers of waterways!  We could take a boat tour to watch the dolphins along the Virginia Beach.  That sure would be an enchanting first for me!

I can only imagine getting a break from cooking for a week!  I am use to cooking for at least 8 at each meal. What a delight it would be to be served and no clean-up or or arguing over who is going to do the dishes!  There’s a wonderful Coastal Food Tours of Virginia guide which is a great resource for finding food tours and culinary events.  One thing that caught my attention would be ideal with a romantic walk on the boardwalk.  There is a Virginia Beach Boardwalk Food Tour where we can learn the history and culture of the area while enjoying local cuisine, fresh caught seafood from the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay including the award winning Chesapeake Oyster stew, fresh baked breads and hand made desserts!  And if you know us, I’m sure we’d find some little café and enjoy a latte or two! We’d have to take a few more walks to wear off all we’ve sampled!

After being there for a few days, I am sure we will miss the kids and some of the noise, especially when we see other families together and then, we’d just have to plan another trip with the kids!  As a homeschool mom, I can see the education moments as we Love the Moment in VIRGINIA BEACH!  We’d have to visit the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center along with the First Landing State Park which is the state’s most visited state park and has boating, swimming, nature and history programs, 19 miles of trails, biking, camping and of course, LOTS of sandcastle building!

Virginia Beach sounds like such a delightful place to visit . . .
and for a second honeymoon!

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