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Building Home Dreams . . .

Have you ever wanted to
build your own house?
What would it look like?

I used to dream a lot more of building a house than I do now.  Maybe I am learning to be more content with what I have and know what a blessing it is to even own a home, even if it is not ideal.  But, the dream is still tucked away in the back of my mind!  

If I could build a home, I would like it to have a very open format with lots of windows and lots of natural light, including ceiling day lights.  I’ve dreamed of having a large school/library/craft/sewing room, that is off of our main living/kitchen area with french doors that could be kept open and easily visible if I need to be in the kitchen and still keep an eye on the children.  And it would be nice for that room to be shut off too, if we have guests, and the children can go in there to play board games or watch a movie. I’d love a larger kitchen, with more storage and possibly two sinks and larger oven, and yet to be able to see outside while I am working in it too.

I’ve dreamed of more bathrooms (we only have two, with at one time, 12 living in this house) and it would be great if they could be situated between two large boy’s bedrooms, two large girl’s bedrooms and for my husband and I to have a master bathroom, which we have never had.  And then just a small half bathroom on the main floor, near the kitchen, that is also a laundry room, with a door right to the back outdoors to hang it up easily.  

My dream home does not have to be elaborate or of designer quality.  Simple is the key – including hardwood and ceramic floors for easy cleaning.  

But it’s a dream, and really, I am content with the house God has blessed us with.

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One thought on “Building Home Dreams . . .

  1. I know what you mean. I dream of a different home too, but in our retirement which is in five years we will move into something that is easier to deal with, our two story won’t be good for seniors. One day for the fun of it I counted how many times I went up and down, and it was at the end of the day it was close to 22 times and that added up to 308 steps. Who needs a treadmill?

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