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Am I really THAT old?!?!?


rue story!  A few days ago I was at a Good Will store.  I was ready to buy my items and was waiting behind an elderly man.  He definitely was elderly – looked about 80 years old to me.  He was easily of grandfather age, if not great-grandfather age.  The gal finished scanning his items and told him his total, and he said to her “aren’t you going to ask me if I want the senior citizen discount.”  She was kind of taken aback and then said “Do you qualify for it?“.  For our local Good Will the age is 55 – HE definitely qualified!  I just kinda laughed to myself.  He was not real pleased and slowly shuffled away.  Yes, he was old.

She scanned my few items and then said to me “and do you qualify for the discount too?”  OH MY!  I just about wanted to smack the girl!  I’m a few years before I even hit 50!  Come on! She didn’t ask an 80+ year old man, but did me?  I did not know if I should laugh or cry!  Should I have just taken the discount for her naivety?  (No, I didn’t!)

Now if I am asked at our local pharmacy, which we have been going to for over 15 years, if I need help with my Medicare supplement . . . I may . . . have to go for a facelift, go blonde, get botox . . . etc!


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