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Information Article: Losing Weight


up . . . I gave up again, temporarily. Several have dropped me notes on how the diet is going?  Stress and chocolate won over, again.  No, I am not totally giving up.  I really want a lifestyle change.  It was  not a crash diet this time, but more of a sugar-free and a no chocolate diet.  I am still looking at labels and trying to choose better foods, but I’ve still grabbed a few handful of M & M’s and added extra sweetner in my coffee.  It’s a struggle.  I like food (a lot).  I like cooking and baking. I like sweets. I love homemade bread – kneading it and seeing it rise – the smell of the aroma of it baking and filling hte house.  And that hot loaf coming out of the oven and slicing it and slathering it with butter.  Can food get much better than that?!?!?!

And then, there’s stress.  I know I am an emotional eater.  There’s two weddings and sick kids  . . .  teenagers and homeschooling . . . and chocolate chip cookie dough in the fridge!

So, it’s seeing what can work again and moving forward.  These weight loss tips are what I need to be reminded of, such as watching serving sizes (and not getting seconds) or not eating mindlessly while watching TV or working on the computer.  I know I can lose weight fast.  I lost 30 pounds in one month last year.  But, it did not all stay off.  Yet, sometimes, it helps with a jump start  and seeing a difference more quickly.  For me it can be a motivator to get going, lose some and then keep going.  What a thrill it has been when I went to buy a pair of jeans and went for my normal size and they were too big and I went down two sizes!  I am still squeezing into those jeans, but how I’d love to go down another two sizes!

The other thing I do know that helped in losing some weight was my blood pressure went down, and I’ve noticed in the last month or so, it’s crept back up some.  Exercising for me is a great effort because it seems like I’ve got too many other busy things to do.  I’ve got to make time for it.  But the best part of it, is when I excercise and include my kids.  They love going for a walk with me.  I just bought a bicycle and they are all very anxious to go bike riding with me.  Once I get going, it’s great.

It’s getting to that point of moving, eating better and thankfully, I can start over every day!



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One thought on “Information Article: Losing Weight

  1. Hi Loni, I have spent many years on the weight loss cycle, until recently, when I made the decision to stop ‘diets’ and change my lifestyle. Firstly, I am severely disabled so there is little I can do in the way of exercise.
    I began by taking a moment to begin a food diary, recording everything that went into my mouth, the time of day and anything that caused that to happen (stress, anger, etc).
    It was then a matter of reviewing this information before I found out there was a pattern and a pattern that I could break. I began by acknowledging that there is no such thing as ‘bad’ or ‘good’ foods it was the quantity. However, I have noticed that eating processed carbs tends to make my feet and hands swell, so I chose to change those for things that didn’t have this effect.
    Then I looked in my pantry, and discovered my shopping habits were ‘up the creek’ because it contained things whilst not ‘bad’ were definitely not the best for my health and I could happily live without. Then I began my shop at the fruit and vege end of the store, filling my trolley with those, before proceeding with the rest. I found, as I was on a strict budget being on a pension, that this meant the things that weren’t as good for me (but not chocolate) tended to be bought up to my limit, rather than fruit and veges being on that end of my shop.
    I also invested in a Nintendo Wii and the fitness kit, and haven’t looked back, doing the exercises that I could manage, and also playing the games like 10 pin bowling, for which I’d won trophies before becoming disabled, but never could bring myself to do since.
    Since doing this my weight has plummeted from 179.6kgs, to 99kgs and I’m looking forward to reaching my goal of 75kgs soon. By depriving yourself, or labeling food ‘bad’ actually only increases your desire for that food, and instead of having a modest amount you end up gorging yourself, then feel guilty and abandon everything. By recording what you eat and why, you can more easily keep track of the times you’re eating out of habit or anxiety, or anything other than real hunger. I eat at least 6 times per day, never more than 3 hours apart and always, between these times if I experience ‘hunger pangs’, have a drink, usually water, but never soda or diet soda..just to confirm whether it was hunger or thirst masquerading as hunger…. God bless.

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